City of Porter Water, Sewer and Garbage Services

Water, Sewer and Garbage Services are billed monthly. Water meters will be read monthly beginning in 2013 and overages will be billed according to the schedule below.


Garbage Collection Service is Mandatory for all residents within the City of Porter.

It is illegal to dump any refuse at the City of Porter tree disposal site apart from trees and compostable materials.


Garbage Collection: Every Tuesday Morning

Recycling Collection: Every Other Friday Morning (Begining July 15, 2016)


First 4,500 Gallons: $16.80 per month

Each 1,000 gallon increment over 4,500 gallons: $2.31 per 1,000 gallons


Sewer Charges: $15.00 per month


Garbage Rates:

35 Gallon Bin: $13.85 per month

65 Gallon Bin: $16.77 per month

95 Gallon Bin: $19.25 per month

All Garbage rates are subject to a 9.75% state tax.


For City of Porter utility services billing questions contact:

Judy Verschelde - 507-829-3536




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