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Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

City of Porter

Monday, April 4, 2011, 6:30 p.m.


Mayor Donald Verschelde called the regular city council meeting to order.


Council members present were Eric Dybsetter, Kim Jelen, Darlene Moeller, Judy Verschelde, Donald Verschelde, and Pat Vlaminck.


Also present were Ken and Linda Hennen, Dan Dybsetter, Silas Olson, and Larry Stoks.


Mayor Donald Verschelde called for the reading of the minutes of the March 7, 2011 Regular City Council meeting.  Minutes were approved as read in a motion by Darlene Moeller, seconded by Kim Jelen. All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


The only bids for city lawn mowing were submitted by Ken and Linda Hennen.  Pat Vlaminck made a motion to award city lawn mowing to Ken and Linda Hennen for the 2011 season.  Kim Jelen seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed and the motion was carried.


The council also directed Linda to de-thatch the park this spring.


Dan Dybsetter asked about a 20 foot wide strip of land owned by the city on the east edge of his property on Brook Avenue.  The land allowed the city to develop an alley for access to the several empty lots if needed.  As Dan now owns all of the property that such an alley would reach, he inquired if the city would abandon the property.  The issue was discussed and tabled.


Dan also inquired about the cost of hooking up a new house to city sewer and water.  He was told that the city charges about $900, and will bring the sewer and water lines to the property line.


Silas Olson, chairman of the Wergeland township board, asked if the City was planning to gravel the City’s rural gravel roads this spring.  If so, he suggested having it done at the same time as the township.  The council told Silas to have Wergeland’s contractor also gravel the City roads at about 200 yards per mile and bill the City.


Paul Olson has approached council members requesting a donation for the upcoming Easter egg hunt.  Darlene Moeller made a motion to donate $50 to the Easter egg hunt. Kim Jelen seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


It was discussed that the Porter Elevator is in the early stages of deciding how and if to replace facilities lost in the recent fire.  They are not yet ready to request a building permit.


It was discussed that all necessary documentation has been submitted to FEMA in application for reimbursement of flood expenses from last September.  It is unknown when the city will learn the results of this application.


It was discussed that Eric Dybsetter has moved outside the city limits and will likely resign his position as city clerk.  Anyone interested in being clerk for the city is asked to contact a City Council member.


Larry Stoks reported on the Water and Sewer Department.  434,000 gallons of water were used in March.  The sewer system is taking in a lot of extra water, and the lift station pumps have been overwhelmed several times.  Larry also mentioned that the treatment ponds are very full, but cannot yet be discharged.


All citizens of Porter are reminded that basement floor drains connected to the city sanitary sewer are not allowed in Porter.  If sewage backs up into the basement of someone with an illegal floor drain, any damage is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the City.


Pat Vlaminck made a motion to pay the bills as read by Eric Dybsetter.  Kim Jelen seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


A motion was made by Kim Jelen, seconded by Pat Vlaminck, to adjourn the meeting.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.




Eric D. Dybsetter, Clerk

City of Porter


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