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Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

City of Porter

Monday, March 1, 2010, 6:30 p.m.


Mayor Donald Verschelde called the regular city council meeting to order.


Council members present were Eric Dybsetter, Kim Jelen, Darlene Moeller, Donald Verschelde, Judy Verschelde, and Pat Vlaminck


Larry Stoks was also present.


Mayor Donald Verschelde called for the reading of the minutes of the February 1, 2010 City Council meeting and the February 2, 2010 Fire Contract Meeting.  Minutes were approved as read in a motion by Donald Verschelde, seconded by Eric Dybsetter. All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


305,000 gallons of water were used in January.  Larry Stoks and Adam Stoks will be going to some water training in March.  Drinking water and waste water tests will also be done this month.


Possible spring flooding was discussed.  It was noted that Yellow Medicine County has sandbags available if required.


The Local Board of Appeal and Equalization of the City of Porter will meet at 6:30 pm on April 7, 2009.  Eric Dybsetter will post a meeting notice at the fire hall, and in the Canby News.


Mayor Donald Verschelde reminded the community that a health permit for food is required by any serving food at special events.  The permit fee is $30.00.  Please contact Don for the application form.


Bids for mowing of city property in 2010 were discussed.  Bid sheets are available from Mayor Donald Verschelde.  Eric Dybsetter will attach a request for bids to the publicly distributed minutes from the February council meeting.  It was noted that mowing around the city pump house will not be required in 2010. 


Eric Dybsetter noted that an apportionment agreement between the Porter Fire Department, the St Leo Fire Department, and the Canby Fire Department concerning the fire coverage of Wergeland township contained incorrect information.  Pat Vlaminck has had a new, corrected document signed by all parties involved.  Eric will work with Pat and the department of revenue to resolve the issue.


The city has the opportunity to apply for a grant to install an automatic door opener on the city hall.  This will make the facility more handicapped accessible, especially when it is used as a polling place.  The estimated cost of materials and installation is $3028.75.  Eric Dybsetter will submit the grant application.  A resolution to that effect is required by the Office of the Secretary of State.




Resolution 01-2010


BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Porter, in the County of Yellow Medicine and the state of Minnesota is hereby authorized to:


a)     Apply for a grant from the Office of the Secretary of State of Minnesota for Federal funds pursuant to Title II, Section 261 of the Help America Vote Act for the sole purpose of improving access to polling places in this city for persons with disabilities;

b)    Enter into an agreement with the Office of the Secretary of State governing the receipt, expenditure, reimbursement and reporting of such a grant;

c)     Receive and account separately in a manner sufficient to meet generally accepted government accounting principles sufficient to pass federal audit; and

d)    Expend any sums received in the manner indicated in the grant application and agreement with the Office of the Secretary of State.


No further action by a city council meeting is required for actions related to this grant.


A motion was made by Kim Jelen, seconded by Darlene Moeller, to approve Resolution 01-2010.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the resolution was adopted.


The annual Porter Community Auction, put on by the Town and Country Club is scheduled for Saturday, April 17.  The Town and Country Club has again requested use of the City Hall for a clerking office.  It was discussed that timely removal of sale items has not always happened in the past.  The council decided to require an agreement, in writing, that all sale items would be removed within 45 days (June 1) of the sale date, or the city would have them removed at the expense of the Porter Town and Country Club.  Such an agreement will be required to authorize use of the City Hall.  Eric Dybsetter will draw up an agreement and send a letter to John Cornell explaining the decision.


Pat Vlaminck noted that the Lynd Fire Department has a fire tanker truck that they need to give away.  It has a chassis from the early 80ís and looks to be in good shape.  Several members of the Porter Fire Department have looked at the truck, and recommend that the city accept the truck.


Kim Jelen made a motion to accept the free fire truck from the Lynd Fire Department.  Darlene Moeller seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


Pat Vlaminck noted that the First Responders are not currently covered by disability insurance, as are the members of the Fire Department.  He also noted that the insurance agent has recommended changing to a lower cost provider of disability insurance.  The council authorized Pat to change providers, and to arrange for disability insurance of the First Responders.


Kim Jelen made a motion to pay the bills as read by Judy Verschelde.  Pat Vlaminck seconded the motion.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried.


A motion was made by Kim Jelen, seconded by Pat Vlaminck, to adjourn the meeting.  All were in favor with none opposed, and the motion was carried. 



Eric D. Dybsetter, Clerk

City of Porter


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