JUNE 22-23 1956

Take a look at Porter's 75th anniversary newspaper! This is an interactive version of the nearly 50 year old, 12 page paper. Due to deterioration, some parts of the paper may be distorted. The original paper is made of six sheets of half-folded 32" X 22" paper, the size typically used today by most daily news papers. Because of its size, each page had to be reconstructed from four scans, so some mismatches are visible throughout the paper. If you would like a scaled -down printed copy of this production, please contact the webmaster for details and pricing.

Porter "Lone Tree" News - Published for Porter's 75th Anniversary

Click on the Page for a large image of each page. Please note that these pages were not designed to load quickly, they are meant to be a high-quality reproduction of our history. Dial-up users will need to wait 2 minutes or more for each page to load.

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