The Great Porter Flood of 1930

The State Bank of Porter (later the Post Office and now the Quilting "B") and Art Speight's Auto Garage in the Great Flood

The Porter Fire Hall (later moved to the north side of Porter Co-op Oil Co.) and the Berg Building on Highway 68.

Driving into Porter on Highway 68 from the East, the area with trees is now home to SMI and Hydraulics INC.

Man Standing in the middle of what is now County Road 16, looking towards Porter's South-side. If you can identify this man, please inform

The Porter Depot, at the time located on Highway 68. The Property is now on the south side of Highway 68. The Depot can now be found on The Clarice Ningen Residence, located on the 300th block of North Brook Avenue.

Workers Securing the Railroad bridge over the North Fork of the Yellow Medicine River. This photo is taken from the Porter side of the river looking East.

Porter's South Eastern edge, the south side of what is now South Brook Avenue.


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